The systems of our surgeries

inpatient or outpatient ?

local anesthesia or general anesthesia?

We provide day surgery and short stay surgery, which are beneficial for patients in terms of cost-effectiveness and saving time. For details of the surgeries, please see the information below.

One day in clinic short time operation in chair

Available at Shinjuku Voice Clinic every day.

The surface of the throat and larynx will be anesthetized. You will be conscious and sitting on the chair in the examination room during the operation. The operation takes only 5-10 minutes.

Target diseases: vocal cord polyps, some big vocal fold nodules, injection procedure to vocal cord paralysis, scar, atrophy or others

One day micro surgery under general anesthesia.

For patients who prefer general anestheasia, micro surgery under general anesthesia can be done by observing the vocal cords with a microscope.

Because doctors have to check complete recovery after general anesthesia, patients need to stay in hospital about 4-5 hours ( from visit to discharge) .

Target diseases: vocal cord nodules, polyps and other lesions localized in the vocal fold.

One day laryngeal frame work surgery (Thyroplasty) in operation room

Thyroplasty is commonly performed under local anethtesia because doctors and patients have to check the voice together during operation to obtain patient satisfaction.

Target disease: surgery to raise or lower voice pitch ( ex. voice feminization) and vocal fold atrophy

Inpatient surgery: local anesthesia and general anesthesia.

For some diseases, even under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, 3-10 days stay in hospital will be needed.

For example, arytenoid adduction surgery for recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis needs 8 - 10 days hospilization to avoid airway complications.

Some operations for spasmodic dysphonia needs 3-5day hospitalization.

If patients of vocal fold polyp, nodule, cyst and simple thyroplasty ( commonly treated with one day surgery) wish to stay in hospital some days, we can accept the request.