Surgery to change voice pitch

Surgery to raise voice pitch (thyroplasty type IV)

A lowering of voice pitch occurs normally with aging but it can also be caused by disturbed hormonal balance, the side effects of hormonal agents, etc. Individuals with gender identity disorder who desire a more feminine voice are candidates for type IV thyroplasty.

Just like the strings of a musical instrument, the vocal cords can be adjusted to produce a higher-pitched voice, mainly by increasing vocal cord tension. Shortening or thinning of the vocal cords is theoretically possible but is not the preferred approach in Japan. Moreover, these operations touch or cut the vocal fold directly, there is a risk that voice quality will worsen, somotimes irreparably after the operation.

Our surgical procedure is performed using local anesthesia. When the thyroid and crycoid cartilage get closer, the vocal fold becomes longer and the "tension " increases result in raising voice pitch.

Becuse we never touch the vocal fold directly and voice quality/pitch can be monitored under local anesthesia, there is no risk that your voice becomes worse.

Surgery to lower voice pitch (thyroplasty type III)

An abnormally high voice can be due to congenital conditions, hormonal imbalances, disorderly puberty (problem with the normal change of voice during adolescence for boys), etc. Individuals who belong to LGBT community who desire a more masculine voice are also candidates for this procedure.

Adam's apple "reduction" surgery

The size of the Adam's apple can be surgically reduced. In both males and females, 2–3 cm of cartilage is typically removed. However, because there is a vocal cord under the Adam's apple, it may be damaged in the case where the adam's apple is excessively shaved, resulting in difficulty in vocalization.

At our facility, which specializes in voice surgery, this procedure has been conducted safely.